Monday, July 8, 2013

Asian Women Dating White Men

“Love crosses no boundaries” Well, that’s probably the reason why we see a lot of couples together regardless of their age, gender, status, physical appearance and racial distinction. But honestly, others don’t simply understand “acceptance”. I’m not writing to offend anybody but it’s just that I also want to know why
certain things aren't appreciated in some ways.

As I picture some instances, it’s not even a big deal why Asian women dating white men. It actually happens even in pre-historic years. My Aunt used to marry a white man. Do you know what’s good about it? He loved her. Of course we would not want to include divorce in the story but uncertainties can happen. They got separated and walk with their own separate lives. Let’s say, he’s friends thought that “she isn't enough for him”. That’s the sad part.

Asian women are conceptualized on some “degrading” perceptions and it actually hurts. A LOT! We are what we are and we’re actually no different from others. Not because we sit on the floor while eating doesn't mean we’re uneducated. Not because some of us can’t pronounce proper words in English doesn't mean we don’t know how to communicate. Not because we find it hard to translate foreign languages doesn't mean we don’t understand. Not because we’re Asians doesn't mean we can’t fall in-love with white men. It actually takes a lot of acceptance from that. (And a lot of guts to say this)

Well, I might be able to say that things like that really happen and it’s part of some cultural beliefs. Maybe we just have to open our hearts to deeply know the essential piece of value when it comes to racial differences.

I personally like the idea of unconditional “LOVE” itself. But what actually makes me like it even more is the perception of how we should deliver that love for that certain person without minding other people’s invalid point of view.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Date Asian

Some countries from all over the word already forgot racial discrimination and apparently, they have been treating each other with equality and respect. I am actually happy about it. Most people nowadays are aware of their cultural differences and what’s great about it is they happen to go beyond what they only know and try to learn other things from other culture. Consequently, Asians are the best example.

Due to their diverse cultures, Asians tend to make a very impressive atmosphere all over the globe. They are known smart, healthy younger looking, optimistic and lovable. They are always happy and they are proud of their exotic and ethnic fair distinction.

So why date Asian? Well, here are some good reasons why you should date Asian.
They are practically the best when it comes to foods. I strongly agree on the saying “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. That’s definitely true. Let’s say you went home hungry and all you need to think about is the best food served in front of you after getting out of work. Someone welcome you home and present you a very delicious meal. Isn't that great?  You will certainly be flattered when you have an Asian wife to take good care of you because that is all they think about.. the passion to serve you and make you feel special each and every day.

Asians are very talented. It is as if they have the power to do things without any complaints. They are more into “OK”, “I can do that”, and “it’s just easy” perception which somehow makes them a little bit popular. (I actually love that part).
They have the high percentage of RESPECT to other people. They love to mingle with everybody and as much as possible, they tend to be friends with everyone. If you are friends with an Asian, then you are friends with an Asian. You will never be forgotten even if it took you years to show yourself and even if you unintentionally forgot them. They will still think of you and consider you a most special part of their lives. They are very sentimental and they actually count all the good things that you did for them.

Family is actually Asian’s most priority. As much as possible, they would want their whole family stay in a single house. Why? It is all because of their “close-knit” mentality. The thing is they always wanted to be with each other. They always want to show their family how much they mean to them and give full support every time they need it. They are more in to making memories together and bonding is such a great way of saying that they are actually contented and satisfied with their family which happens to be the exact best thing in their lives.

Surely that’s some of the most amazing things that Asians has. I am not saying that they are perfect but the fact that they love their imperfections actually made them special in their own certain ways.

"Look for someone to share your life with"

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Asian Women

What do you think of Asian women? What certain aspects do you think they have that can compete with other non-Asian girls? What good traits do they have? What makes them so uniquely special? These are just simple questions that most foreign men ask.

Well, let’s talk about it. I don’t really want to give a bias opinion of “what Asian women really are” so I inquire my foreign friends about it and ask some opinions. Some say that we are unpredictable. How? It is because we want what we want and will do everything to get it. We are curious about everything and as much as possible; we want to explore a lot of things. We actually never stop learning. We are smart in a sense that we manage to stay optimistic even if things are getting tough and uncontrollable. We seem to find positive solutions on every negative situation. Not to mention our smiling faces that changes almost everybody’s mood. Here’s what others has to say about us.

“Most Asian women are attractive because they are sexy without even trying”. Is this true? Well, that’s a quiet simple perspective of what we really are on the physical aspects.  But actually, we are conscious of ourselves. We do love to stay healthy and energetic so we can accomplish things in a very motivated energy.

“They are more focused on TLC or the Tender Loving Care”. That’s just nice. Somehow it’s because we do found love in a hopeless place and the thing that matters for us is LOVE. Stupid? No! We are in point of fact hopelessly romantic.

“They are straightforward and frank”. I certainly agree. Besides, Asians are good conversationalist even if others really find it annoying.

Actually, the misconception is that women are being compared. They have different traits, beauties, and personalities. In fact, those comments are just a representation of portions of people’s perception about what Asian women really are. I am not saying that is not true either but the point is.. everybody has their own uniqueness. They may have certain similarities but they still differ in some ways.

I am an Asian woman and I am proud of it. I simply believe that Love really do not cost a thing and when you’re in love you never ask questions and complaint about what we don’t have. Embracing all our flaws and continuously loving us for who we are is definitely enough for us. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Date Asian Women

As the years gone by, people are now very much open to long distance relationship. Literally, long distance happens to be miles and oceans apart from each other where they vary in most aspects and that include their racial distinction. It is where you actually think that being together would be very difficult because of numerous misunderstandings that might occur due to cultural differences. However, some people really find their way.

60% of foreign men are passionate to date Asian women. Well, Asian beauties are simple yet they have an extraordinary sex appeal that can catch a guy’s attention. Aside from their physical appearance, they also have wonderful traits that add beauty into their strong personality. One of the examples is the sweetness where they can promptly show affection though their actions such as hugging and kissing. They passionately do things perfectly for their loved ones and they care in a way that their partner could understand. Asian beauties had their own perception of love. It is where they go out from their comfort zones and discover things beyond their imaginations thus explain why they are realistic. They are open particular on their decisions.

But what really attract foreign men to date Asian girls is that they are very much impressed on how they value their families.  The thought of never giving up and the act of keeping the family bond is actually one of the best qualities they have where they would do anything to protect their love ones and that is a precise reason why most men want to get to know Asian women more. The respect, honesty, loyalty and unconditional love are given to the right person.

Asian women are very versatile and they always surprise you in certain ways. The assurance of being their selves is what they can offer you and they will never ask anything in return. You just have to love them and care for them and surely nothing else matters.