Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Activity 1

Life never seemed to be the way we want it. You can not just step backwards when you figure out that certain things don't go your way. Facing yourself is more difficult than pretending to be someone you're not suppose to be, but in the end, you'll find out that those changes will remind you who you really are. As I've gone through a lot of experiences, there are people surrounding me that made changes. Influencing and guiding me to become the exact person that I must be. But it doesn't end there, people actually assumes that growing up happens automatically as you grow older but I believe that growing up is a decision you choose to do. My perceptions gave me the courage to change my ways in life because you can't find certainties. But if there's a certain mission in my life that I'm sure of, that would be the initiative to have the courage to get out from my comfort zone and do the things I actually thought I couldn't do. It's always a sense of purpose. When you have the reason to live, you will never have the reason to quit. It was really confusing how you manage to handle life the way you want it. Challenges happen and reality gave meaning for the changes that might come. As I picture myself, the way i wanted to see things will depend on how i look at it.