Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Top 3 Reasons Why Relationship Ends

Every relationship is extra special. It is not just about how you met and get along but it is all about the idea of being committed to each other. It may vary from different aspects and may have the advantages and disadvantages of handling both emotions and desires. The misconception about a strong relationship is that it doesn’t just happen automatically when you decide to give the full trust and love to the person. The process actually goes a long way. 
There are three underline reasons why every relationship fails to survive. It may not be that serious for others but it has all the exact explanations why certain relationships come to an end.

One of those valid reasons is the Absence of communication. A lot of relationships end up because they find it hard to communicate. Love, in a certain way vanishes in a slow motion because communication happens to be unnoticed. Problems are never discussed they are always left unsolved. Due to lack of self explanatory, the other half find it more complicated to describe what they want and what they don’t which results in a successive arguments. Person who feels pressured will never get to articulate what kind of basis he or she has to explain. Fear of getting hurt, ignorance of the habits, and insecurities on oneself are the main sources on the absence of communication which somehow never given an importance.

The second reason would be friends and family interference. It may sound a fa├žade for an invalid reason of break up but in reality, it actually portrays a big role in every relationship. The negative comments and approach of the person’s most valued people affects the emotional stability of the feeling that he or she had for her or his partner. A typical dislike from someone you love could be a deal breaker and lead to a more complicated boredom and lose of attraction which is somehow understandable. An awkward feeling of having this high maintenance friends and family actually exists and is considered normal.

Last but not the least is the differences in the relationship. There is always a problem when it comes to the process of acceptance. The bad habits, the natural way of an easy going life, the unwanted traits, everything a person never wants his or her other half to have which results on more intense arguments, unreasonable demands, misunderstandings, and break up. The simple idea of not being understood may find it easy to seeks interest and  attention from someone else’s comfort that direct an end on the relationship by means of having a third party.

A lot of times, people are actually afraid to deal about what they can’t handle and end up messing the things they started. When you enter a relationship, you will have to decide to take risks and make some adjustments on your part to be able to realize where you can certainly attain the kind of happiness and contentment that you deserve for a better working relationship.