Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Click It

Time is gold, a common saying we always hear. It implies that time is precious that once you ignore and waste it, there's no chance of turning it back.
As for "click", the movie showed how valuable time is. Yes, it's amazing that on the movie, you can go back to the past and correct the mistakes you've done for the present. But you can't just fast forward everything simply because you're in a hurry to achieve something in the future because you'll gonna miss all the good things that might happen on those times that you forwarded. Like autopilot, you can jump to another year depending on the event that you would want to. But focusing on that certain event would make you regret the moments you wished you skipped time. well, it's just a simple movie with a simple concept. Adam Sandler wants to finish his work so badly to achieve his goals which is to become successful on his career but never knowing that he was starting to ignore the special thing that really matters to him...his family. Yes it's a nice feeling that people find time for you despite of their busy schedules. But isn't it wonderful if they never see their schedules in times that you need them? It's better to learn to value the people around you and never wait for the time that in a blink of an eye, you can never give them reasons to stay.
Never trust time to decide for you. Yes..it is proven that time is the best decision maker. But sometimes, time makes each decision a little bit too late.

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