Saturday, August 31, 2013

Breast Cancer: Unoticed

Breast cancer had become one of the most popular disease that causes an instant awareness for women. It can actually destroy the cells by causing unwanted mutations such as malignant tumor that formulates inside the breast where it can absolutely threaten a female’s life.

Everybody should learn a lot of things about it to understand why it is possible to have this kind of disease. The fact that most women are being affected by this ailment is actually caused by poor diet where too much alcohol and overcooked meats are associated with an increase risk. Too much estrogen exposure can also cause mutation most specially when women started their periods at a very young age or experienced menopausal later than expected. Aside from that, a high level of radiation contact has been proven to complicate cell tissues which can develop a higher threat. Aging can also become one of the risk factor that we have to consider for it has been studied that 80% of women who aged at 50+ are more likely prone on such disease. However, the most common cause of breast cancer is actually by having certain types of benign lumps that can develop into a threatening growth later on.

Most women are not basically conscious of the changes that occur in their breast. But apparently, there are actual symptoms that can identify the presence of such unwanted health problem. It is always important to determine and check the unusual lumps around the breast because it is somehow common to have this in or near the underarm area. Though some of it is not cancerous, a single cell mutation can lead to severe damage. The swelling of the breast can also be considered as a symptom most especially when it’s on one side only. When there is a wrinkling skin of the breast and nipple turns red and scaly, it should be investigated and always remember to secure check up when bloody and milky nipple discharge occurs.

As science put an end on breast cancer damages, therapies are presented. The most traditional way of treating breast cancer is by surgery where the process goes on eliminating the muscles of the chest. Chemotherapy on the other hand is the best medication that is used to kill cancer cells and helps prevent it from spreading on the entire body. Radiotherapy will follow the procedure which will stop the tumor cells from re-occurrences.

It is always important to be aware of our health that is why we have to consider the causes of cancer, be alert on the signs and symptoms and follow actions of treatment and cure.


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