Monday, July 8, 2013

Asian Women Dating White Men

“Love crosses no boundaries” Well, that’s probably the reason why we see a lot of couples together regardless of their age, gender, status, physical appearance and racial distinction. But honestly, others don’t simply understand “acceptance”. I’m not writing to offend anybody but it’s just that I also want to know why
certain things aren't appreciated in some ways.

As I picture some instances, it’s not even a big deal why Asian women dating white men. It actually happens even in pre-historic years. My Aunt used to marry a white man. Do you know what’s good about it? He loved her. Of course we would not want to include divorce in the story but uncertainties can happen. They got separated and walk with their own separate lives. Let’s say, he’s friends thought that “she isn't enough for him”. That’s the sad part.

Asian women are conceptualized on some “degrading” perceptions and it actually hurts. A LOT! We are what we are and we’re actually no different from others. Not because we sit on the floor while eating doesn't mean we’re uneducated. Not because some of us can’t pronounce proper words in English doesn't mean we don’t know how to communicate. Not because we find it hard to translate foreign languages doesn't mean we don’t understand. Not because we’re Asians doesn't mean we can’t fall in-love with white men. It actually takes a lot of acceptance from that. (And a lot of guts to say this)

Well, I might be able to say that things like that really happen and it’s part of some cultural beliefs. Maybe we just have to open our hearts to deeply know the essential piece of value when it comes to racial differences.

I personally like the idea of unconditional “LOVE” itself. But what actually makes me like it even more is the perception of how we should deliver that love for that certain person without minding other people’s invalid point of view.



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