Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Date Asian

Some countries from all over the word already forgot racial discrimination and apparently, they have been treating each other with equality and respect. I am actually happy about it. Most people nowadays are aware of their cultural differences and what’s great about it is they happen to go beyond what they only know and try to learn other things from other culture. Consequently, Asians are the best example.

Due to their diverse cultures, Asians tend to make a very impressive atmosphere all over the globe. They are known smart, healthy younger looking, optimistic and lovable. They are always happy and they are proud of their exotic and ethnic fair distinction.

So why date Asian? Well, here are some good reasons why you should date Asian.
They are practically the best when it comes to foods. I strongly agree on the saying “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. That’s definitely true. Let’s say you went home hungry and all you need to think about is the best food served in front of you after getting out of work. Someone welcome you home and present you a very delicious meal. Isn't that great?  You will certainly be flattered when you have an Asian wife to take good care of you because that is all they think about.. the passion to serve you and make you feel special each and every day.

Asians are very talented. It is as if they have the power to do things without any complaints. They are more into “OK”, “I can do that”, and “it’s just easy” perception which somehow makes them a little bit popular. (I actually love that part).
They have the high percentage of RESPECT to other people. They love to mingle with everybody and as much as possible, they tend to be friends with everyone. If you are friends with an Asian, then you are friends with an Asian. You will never be forgotten even if it took you years to show yourself and even if you unintentionally forgot them. They will still think of you and consider you a most special part of their lives. They are very sentimental and they actually count all the good things that you did for them.

Family is actually Asian’s most priority. As much as possible, they would want their whole family stay in a single house. Why? It is all because of their “close-knit” mentality. The thing is they always wanted to be with each other. They always want to show their family how much they mean to them and give full support every time they need it. They are more in to making memories together and bonding is such a great way of saying that they are actually contented and satisfied with their family which happens to be the exact best thing in their lives.

Surely that’s some of the most amazing things that Asians has. I am not saying that they are perfect but the fact that they love their imperfections actually made them special in their own certain ways.

"Look for someone to share your life with"


  1. I know the only person I want to share my life with is a Filipina

  2. My wife is Vietnamese and she's perfect ❤️