Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Asian Women

What do you think of Asian women? What certain aspects do you think they have that can compete with other non-Asian girls? What good traits do they have? What makes them so uniquely special? These are just simple questions that most foreign men ask.

Well, let’s talk about it. I don’t really want to give a bias opinion of “what Asian women really are” so I inquire my foreign friends about it and ask some opinions. Some say that we are unpredictable. How? It is because we want what we want and will do everything to get it. We are curious about everything and as much as possible; we want to explore a lot of things. We actually never stop learning. We are smart in a sense that we manage to stay optimistic even if things are getting tough and uncontrollable. We seem to find positive solutions on every negative situation. Not to mention our smiling faces that changes almost everybody’s mood. Here’s what others has to say about us.

“Most Asian women are attractive because they are sexy without even trying”. Is this true? Well, that’s a quiet simple perspective of what we really are on the physical aspects.  But actually, we are conscious of ourselves. We do love to stay healthy and energetic so we can accomplish things in a very motivated energy.

“They are more focused on TLC or the Tender Loving Care”. That’s just nice. Somehow it’s because we do found love in a hopeless place and the thing that matters for us is LOVE. Stupid? No! We are in point of fact hopelessly romantic.

“They are straightforward and frank”. I certainly agree. Besides, Asians are good conversationalist even if others really find it annoying.

Actually, the misconception is that women are being compared. They have different traits, beauties, and personalities. In fact, those comments are just a representation of portions of people’s perception about what Asian women really are. I am not saying that is not true either but the point is.. everybody has their own uniqueness. They may have certain similarities but they still differ in some ways.

I am an Asian woman and I am proud of it. I simply believe that Love really do not cost a thing and when you’re in love you never ask questions and complaint about what we don’t have. Embracing all our flaws and continuously loving us for who we are is definitely enough for us. 


  1. "We are in point of fact hopelessly romantic" Thanks for sharing! I hope you see many romantic sunsets ;)