Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It Wasn't That Bad After All

Having different problems at a time could be a lot frustrating. Sometimes, you can’t just ignore them. You need to face them. In more often cases, sometimes people couldn’t take it anymore that they long to commit suicide and use it as an escape from the harshness of reality.

Every person is bound to have trials in their lives and it is part of our existence. As what I always tell my friends “Maybe their lives are not that bad after all”. Well, I just got that line from someone I know.

Several years ago when I met Claire on the internet, I was eighteen back then. We were chat mates. We talked about feelings and emotions. We shared about problems in life which we always encounter almost everyday. I told her how I hated life and the way it treats me. But then, that changed when she shared me one particular story.

“There was this girl whom I used to know”. Claire said. “She kept on isolating herself from people and pushing them away from her. She has a bad temper with a very bad attitude. She lived in New Jersey. She always hated life; she committed suicide by jumping off the building. The girl thought that her life was miserable and she couldn’t find ways to fix it”.

“As she jumped off the building” Claire continued typing message. “She saw a loving couple on the 10th floor hitting each other. She saw the usually tough and strong person she knew named Louis on the 9th floor, crying. On 8th floor, she saw her friend Cindy who just found out that her lover is sleeping with her best friend. 7th floor, a girl named Colleen is taking her daily anti-depressant medicine. On 6th floor, jobless George, her father’s friend, still buys a daily news paper searching for a job. Much respected Mr. Blackburn on the 5th floor is taking on his wife’s undergarments. 4th floor, her classmate Rose and her boy friend are fighting again. Pensioner Marvin, on the 3rd floor still hopes someone would come and pay him a visit”.

Claire stopped typing. I got impatient waiting for the continuation of the story so I buzzed her. “Then, what happened next?” I asked. She replied after a few seconds

“Before that girl jumped off the building, she thought she was the unluckiest person in the world” she sent with a smiley on it.

I paused, honestly, I did felt something strange. I did absorb the story. I then realized and recall those times I thought about committing suicide. Then Claire started typing again. I waited patiently for her message.

“Then she thought, maybe her life wasn’t that bad after all” Claire said

Yes, she’s right. Maybe the girl’s life wasn’t that bad after all. Maybe my life’s not that bad either. But then I felt sorry for the girl so asked Claire.

“She died, didn’t she?!” trying to express my solemnity

“Nope” she replied to me giving this laughing icon. “Miraculously, I survived” sending that message to me three times.

I smiled. Knowing a story like that and having a cyber friend like Claire, life wouldn’t be complete without it. Perhaps she told me a lesson which I know for certain that I hate to admit to myself how lucky I am for knowing her and having simple problems in life. I guess my life wasn’t that bad after all.

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