Thursday, September 9, 2010

It Could Be Something Better

often times we see different kinds of incident going on in our society. We even give a comment to the situation we currently hear and see. Different opinions and evaluations could be given and its because we do really feel different about every issues.
But one of the recent news that I can say that interest me was the hostage taking done by police chief inspector Rolando Mendoza. The incident showed the people how a certain hostage taking could be a mere reason for our country's failure. Well, everybody share the same sympathy on the case. The "police incompetence" thing created a massive destruction to some of our government officials. But honestly, we can't blame them. People saw things and interpreted it on that way because that's the way how they see it. That's the way how they felt. Perhaps things could change if we do share common sentiments. I just realized that people learn to commit mistakes at some point because they do believe in something and tried to fight for what they believed in. there could be a harm in risking but he might regret it if he didn't do anything. We have to admit it, these incident that had happened already happened before. We simply just ignore it. These repeated experiences teach us the things we refuses to learn. If we can only see what are the stories behind every person's actions, judging the person would be difficult. As the hostage taking ends, it leaves a mark on every persons mind. Marks that could basically make them think and realize if what they believe is really worth dying for.
Sometimes it's better to be clueless about what's happening around us rather than knowing everything that would silently kill you because we can never go back and change what has been done, but we can always earn the lesson learned to make things better next time.

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