Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Legend of Balingasag in Misamis Oriental


Centuries ago, there was a place located near the bay where you can find a lot of “casag” which is a type of crab. People who lived there used to catch these crabs for their daily living and business. Kids often used to play on the bay while adults are busy catching different kinds of sea creatures like fish, shells, and crabs. They sell it in the market. They catch crabs and other sea creatures by the use of fishing net which is called “baling”. 

That time, the place has no name at all. Because of the use of the net to catch crabs, they named the place “Balingcasag” to thank the gods and goddesses for the abundance of the resources from the sea. People that time kept on catching crabs for a bigger business and they became abusive and greedy. The gods and goddesses got angry and punished the people so they decided to control the sea by not producing or giving the people any kind of sea creatures or food. Several years, after naming the place, citizens were shocked because they can’t find anymore crabs and any other sea creatures in the bay. The people lost their business and some of them had difficulties producing foods for their families. The people realized how important and valuable the bay for them. They repent their sins and ask for forgiveness. They then change the name to “Balingasag” that served as their sincere apology for the gods and goddesses. Their apologies were accepted, and people were able to catch sea creatures again except for the existence of the crabs.

Until now, several decades had passed but still there hasn’t been any single crab seen in the bay. That serves as a lesson for the people of Balingasag to be aware of not harming and exploiting the natural resources of the place.

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