Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rampant Globalization

Everybody loves innovation, evolution of technologies in a short period of time. The main reason of embracing it is because it helps us in our daily living. It makes every work a lot simple and easy. Well, we can’t blame people because as technology rises and evolves, people also do.

“People change by nature”, indeed it’s true because technology nowadays are creating a massive effect on our values. It influences a lot of people by using new innovated technologies and gadgets. It implements ideas on our minds by using media.

Media is a great way of knowing a lot of information. You could learn a lot of ideas from it and you could see different things that somehow affect our value system.

Several changes in our values have been made through the rampant globalization. We are being influenced by westerns and other foreign countries. We changed our clothes, culture, language, and even our religions. We imitate things we saw on television. Some people buy stuffs worn by their favorite actress or actor. We even like the foods they eat. It’s funny that we keep on buying them although we can’t afford. We also relate our lives from the melodramas we saw on TV. Kids are being imaginative, experimental, and liberated. They build a harsh imaginary world that result in ruthless crimes. Teenagers are being wild and aggressive. They engaged their selves’ on premarital sex and drugs. Even adults are being impulsive and outrageous. They’re now having difficulties in determining which is right from wrong. It’s kind of ironic that we love those changes on us. But somehow, I do understand. We can’t help it. That’s what we saw, that’s the way others did it, that’s how we are being affected.

Media showed us a different kind of perceptions and opened our minds on a different world. A world which we never though could exist, a world that made us the exact person we are right now, and a world that proved us that “change” is the only constant thing.


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